Past Recipients

Candace Morong


When I heard I was a recipient of The Matthew Rairdon Scholarship I was beyond honored and speechless! My dream of becoming a nurse was finally within reach, with the help of the scholarship. I can't express how thankful I am to be part of such an amazing memory and tribute to Matthew. Matthew had an incredible impact on the Westbrook and nursing community. I continue to strive to be a nurse like him.
I will forever be grateful for the kindness of the Rairdon Family, and without them I would not be the nurse I am today. Today I get to help people during some of their most vulnerable moments and hold the hands of some of the strongest people I’ve met. I am a nurse who gets the opportunity to stand beside people during their fight with cancer.  I am forever grateful for being able to get to know the Rairdon family and without their kindness, I would not be where I am today.

Brittney Arsenault


Thank you to the Rairdon family for selecting me as one of the recipients for the Matthew  Rairdon Scholarship. It was such an honor to receive this award to further my education in the medical field. It truly emphasized the importance of the kindness in the Westbrook community that we all share. Although being a full time student is a lot of work, when I am not attending school at Saint Joseph’s College I am working as a CNA. I travel to different nursing homes and am able to make different connections with so many of the residents. Not only do I get to assist them with their daily activities but I also have the honor of seeing smiles on their faces.  My future goal in life is to further my education and work for a hospital in Boston. I am so grateful to have this opportunity to help those who are in need and to make a difference.

Melissa Smith


My name is Melissa Smith and I received The Matthew Rairdon Scholarship during my sophomore year of nursing school at Saint Joe’s. I was incredibly humbled and grateful to receive such a meaningful scholarship from Gary and Laurie, and it motivated me both financially and physically to do as well as I possibly could in nursing school. I am very fortunate to say that all of my hard work paid off, as I graduated from Saint Joe’s in May of 2018 with my BSN, and then became an official Registered Nurse in June of the same year. Currently, I am working at Maine Medical Center on the Medical Telemetry Unit. I am so thankful that I am the second recipient of the scholarship, as I know how hard it pushed me to  reach my goal. Because of this, I am excited for each and every scholarship recipient after me to develop the same internal motivation that will guide them towards success.

Brianna Frank


When I found out that I had received the Rairdon Scholarship, I was stunned! I was amazed that people who I had never met wanted to support me in my journey to become a registered nurse. I am so grateful for their generosity and thankful for all the people like the Rairdons who have supported me throughout my college journey. I will be continuing my studies and pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in nursing at Saint Joseph’s College. I have enjoyed my time at SJC and I am looking forward to graduation in the near future. My goal is to specialize in maternity and possibly work on a NICU unit. I am beyond excited for what the future has to hold and I can’t wait for the endless possibilities a career in nursing has to offer!